Thursday, June 26, 2008

eye'm loving this right now!

so i've been on this avon kick for a while now, ever since i started using the thirmafirm moisturizer, which i love, love, love and i've used a couple of different products, which i also love, love, love. i never really considered using avon before because, what was i going to order from an avon lady? no. i need a store, please. nevertheless, i am hooked, hooked, hooked. let's face it for the quality, amazing technology and price, these products can't be beat.

right now, my new favorite is the anew ultimate contouring eye system. the cream is supposed to restore elasticity and it smooths and firms while the intensive serum helps reduce the look of undereye bags. now, i dont have bags--thank goodness, dealing with the dark circles is its own lovely reward--but i do definitely feel like when i use this particular cream at night, the next morning i look considerably more well-rested than usual (and that's saying something!). i also feel like the tiny lines that i am noticing look a lot smoother.

smooth, soft hands, please!

this whole dry-hands thing is really bothering me. the burt's bees is a nice little band-aid, but it's annoying to always have to put lotion on EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you wash your hands.

i like the burt's bees, dont get me wrong. it's got this pepperminty/mentholy smell that i dig, but it can be a bit greasy. and sometimes i just dont want to wear lotion. plus, i wear contacts and i am afraid i will touch my eyes or something. and hands are the first to show visible signs of aging and your true age. in short, i am not having this. so i bought two new things and i am wearing both of them right now--i am kind of that way. i like them both.

first is avon anew ultimate transforming hand and nail cream spf 15. this is very rich and luxurious. i love that it has spf 15 and as much as i am queen of spf--i never put it on my hands. and i should know better; see above. love this stuff. it's on my desk at work and i am thinking that i should keep it in my purse for when i am outside never.

second is avon planet spa african shea butter hand and cuticle cream. i just threw this in the bag because i loved the scent, which was sweet and not overpowering. very moisturizing.

hopefully, these two will clear up my dry-hands problem soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i dont know if it's the water or the soap in my new office, but my hands are beyond dry. dry to the extent where i must, must, must put lotion on every single time i wash my hands or they will be peely. not only is that gross, it's never happened to me before. needless to say i am not happy about this in the least. the new job is great, except for the super-dry hands. the good part is, there are many lotions in the bathroom to choose from after said hand-washing. the bad new is, none of these lotions even come close to moisturizing--that's how dire the situation is. thankfully, i was rummaging around in my purse (i really am like mary poppins sometimes) and found what is doing the trick: Burt's Bees Hand Salve. yes, it's a salve. this intensive moisturizer is packed with botanical oils, herbs, beeswax and features olive oil to moisturize and protect dry hands. i've been keeping it on my desk and my hands are back to their normal shape. i've also been using it as a lip balm in a pinch when i am too lazy to go inside my bag.

they're out to get me

another FAVE-like lipstick discontinued. thanks, Givenchy, for discontinuing lip lip extreme in dinner beige. i will add it to my list of favorite lipsticks that i should have bought more of.

Monday, June 16, 2008

mascara update -- the search is over

i've had my mascara woes lately; for a bit there, it seemed as though no formula or brand was good enough. and i have to be honest, i am always looking for a way out of paying $25 for mascara (i dont think there's anything wrong with that, people!). that being said, mascara is important--at least it is to me. i feel like my face isnt complete without mascara so i often find myself trying everything i can find. right now the search is over. i've recently started using avon's super shock mascara and i am very pleased with the results. the brush is big and coats every single lash. this amazing formula lengthens and volumizes so i am getting the big-lash look i want with fewer coats. and you can't beat the price!

catching up

i feel like i havent posted in so long--and it's true, i havent. every time i pick something from my train case or try something new, i tell myself i need to post about it, but i havent. there has been so much going on, it's been hard to find time to post and now that i am actually posting, i don't have a specific product in my head.

it's summer now and there are so so so many new things i want. i've been on an extended shopping spree so it's a little bit hard justifying why exactly i need new makeup when i know that i dont (and everyone else probably knows that too).

i will say i have my eye on a new summer fragrance. something citrusy and crisp, but with a tiny floral note. i just want to feel fresh and invigorated with one spritz. i am also looking for the perfect coral lip, which i havent found yet. i've been doing a lot of neutral eyes because my dark circles are especially bad these days, but i want to try soft, pretty, brights on my lids. maybe i will get extra sleep tonight and try that tomorrow.