Sunday, January 28, 2007

just gorgeous!

As Bree Van De Kamp Hodge, Marcia Cross looks amazing. The hair is glorious, the skin is radiant and the makeup is sublime. It’s normal looking women like this in Hollywood, the ones who aren’t Botoxed to an inch of their lives or have had so much plastic surgery they end up looking like frozen caricatures of themselves that make me think aging isn’t such a scary concept.

Now for some reason, every Monday morning, I want to look like Bree Van De Kamp Hodge. I don’t know what it is about Mondays, but there is just something about the first day of the week, which makes me want to look like a put-together WASP. Usually, I am running so late that I barely end up looking like Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman is gorgeous and another example of a normal-looking woman, but on that show they don’t glam her up very much). It’s Sunday night and tomorrow is another day, and another chance to strive for the perfection of Bree Van De Kamp Hodge.

your best face forward

i can't say enough about bare escentuals, literally. whenever the subject comes up, i always say, "i can't say enough about bare esentuals" and then talk about how much i love their products. it's like my mission to convince everyone i know to use their products (slowly but surely, i am getting there). i've been using the foundation for about five years and i will never use anything else. i dont even try other foundations--and that tells you how much i love this because i am always trying something new. i can't imagine anything being better than this. it never feels like i am wearing makeup; it feels so light. plus, it delivers amazing coverage and blends flawlessly into the skin so it looks like you're not wearing anything.

i am always on the hunt for a better concealer. i've tried everything--or at least it seems that way. i will use something for a few months because i want to make it work, but the reality is that it's not working. well, just recently i decided to try the foundation as a concealer. honestly, i dont know what took me so long--i think i worried about the powder sitting under my eyes, where there is no moisture, and looking cakey. let's just say, i regret not trying it earlier because i wasted so much time looking like i've been awake all night (and what's the point of that?). my little secret: after i apply this, i use the white shade of the well-lit/back-lit in the corners of my eyes and the area closest to my nose (this duo also doubles as a great eye shadow). i just started this new routine last week and i am really satisfied with the results.

the perfect shade

like everyone else in the world, i am addicted to grey's anatomy. the show is great and the writing is amazing. that said, every week, when i am watching all i can think about is, what lip gloss is katherine heigl wearing? i am also convinced that sara ramirez is wearing it (and it looks great on her too!). i dont normally go for the super light pink shades, but this particular one looks so pretty. it's such a pretty, glossy shade and you can tell it has a slight touch of sparkle. i have a Lancôme Juicy Tube (the name of the shade has worn off) that's a pretty light pink and it might be close, but i need to know what exact brand and shade she is wearing. i dream of this shade. when i am getting ready for work, i really feel like my entire train case can be revitalized by the addition of this one shade!

Friday, January 26, 2007

eye've got to try this!

everyone makes fun of me for my glitter obsession--if it sparkles i want it. it's not like i walk around looking like a vegas showgirl or anything, but it just seems so pretty to me. earlier this week, i got an email about the urban decay glitter eye gel and i can't wait to try it because i love my glitter liquid liner so much (i've been restraining myself from picking up another one in a different color). if this week hadn't been so absolutely insane (i was at work till 9:30 last night--needless to say this week has kicked my butt), i would have already tried this at sephora. i guess i have something to look forward to this week!

a fresh perspective

i haven't posted in a while--work's been crazy, i've been lazy--so there are so many beauty-related things rattling around in my brain. last weekend i cleaned out my train case and it was intimidating, overwhelming and finally liberating. i called K in the middle of it, in a panic. "i have these two urban decay eye shadows (polyester bride and midnight cowboy) do i toss or do i keep? they are beautiful, but the glitter is too chunky, ends up all over my face and eventually in my eyes. obviously, it shouldn't have been a dilemma. toss it. but it makes me feel terrible; what if i want it later? what if i miss it? what if there was a way i could have made it work. i also tossed out some things i had no business keeping; some were old and some i hadn't touched in ages. every morning while i got ready, i would look at some of these products and they were just sitting there for so long, not being used and it was making me feel guilty. now they are gone, and it's a little bit of a relief. i organized and moving things around made me realize i always reach for the same things (or in the same color family) so i've been breaking out of my rut this week, trying new things. i've been mixing it up a little and it feels good. the best part? now i have room for even more stuff!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

new year, bad skin.

i am still just recovering from new years weekend 2006, and feeling lazy. and i mean recovering in the sense that i had guests. it was wonderful to be with my girlfriends--so wonderful that it's almost like real life sort of disappears into the edges while you're reminiscing about old days and making new memories. it makes me tend to forget about my routine and my habits, like slathering on the cream as much as i should. kate was here for a while, which was, as usual, awesome. liz spent one night too, and that was also great. but i am tired. we ate crap, stayed up late, drank too much soda, drank too much, period. i didn't drink a lot of water either, which was unusual for me. so i feel like crap and i think my skin looks like crap. drab. lackluster. and of course, i've got some nice little breakouts--because when it rains it pours. so i tried to take some steps last night.

instead of just exfoliating, i did the microdelivery peel sample i've had sitting in the bathroom. it's the second time i used it--and i liked it better this time than the first time. i dont know if i will purchase this, but it definitely has its merits. i like the citrus scent and the texture of the exfoliating granules--i think this is a great exfoliator, but i get kind of thrown off by the activating gel. there is supposed to be a warming sensation that occurs, but i dont really feel it. i dont know if it's because it's a sample--i opened it and then put it in a ziploc bag and figured it would be ok. or maybe warming sensation is a vague term and i am expecting actual heat. i dont know. of course, i've been smoothing on Burt's Bees Evening Primrose Overnight Cream . it's not even like a skin cream, it's more of a balm and while this might sound frightening, it's pretty amazing. very emollient and moisturizing. a lot of people might hate it because it's a bit greasy and sticky, but if you smooth it on just right, there will be amazing results in the morning. this is also great under the eyes, i discovered last night. today i did Lancôme's Hydra-Intense Masque, which definitely soothes and awakens my parched skin.

so that's it. and i've been trying to gulp down the water and slathering on the aquaphor. hopefully, i will look like a human being tomorrow when i am back at work.