Monday, September 3, 2007

why magnifying mirrors are bad

JG and C might be the only people who truly understand my product obsession--i think it's because they've been buyers for so long--but even they still give me weird looks when i bust out my makeup bag. we were in portland, OR, for a couple of days for C's wedding and i did my best to bring a pared-down makeup bag, yet still be prepared for whatever makeup mood might strike. i did a pretty good packing job--i sort of thought about what "faces" would match the specific outfits i'd packed. i dont normally think like this; i do my makeup first and then see what outfit should match (i am probably the opposite of every other woman out there). it worked out well, even though i did miss the rest of my "babies" at home.

portland was great, the wedding was great, but there was only one problem: the magnifying mirror in the bathroom. i dont have one at home--and that's a good thing. i read somewhere once that using a magnifying mirror will make you see things in the mirror that arent there normally--or at least visible to the naked eye. but there was one already in the bathroom and i wasnt able to sit in front of my regular mirror and well... things got ugly, literally. i felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. i am obsessive about applying moisturizer and sunscreen, i guzzle water by the gallon and think i have pretty good skin. one look in the magnifying mirror and i started feeling like a hag. there was this one wrinkle under my right eye that i swear was not there when i left NYC on wednesday--and i am pretty sure it's not there now (i keep checking the mirror), which is just one of the reasons i am glad to be home. portland was great, i just dont like their mirrors.