Tuesday, February 12, 2008

once upon a time i used to love the body shop. i loved the little fragrance bar and their lotions and potions. i distinctly remember some oatmeal/honey mask that i obsessed over. i dont know what happened in my mind that changed, but i havent been to the body shop in years. and then i was. and i remembered why i loved it in the first place. it was like reconnecting with an old friend or riding a bike (another thing i havent done in years).

right now it's winter, i've been sick -- and me and my skin are feeling blah. in an effort to remedy that, i've been drinking as much water as i possibly can and using the body shop's Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask. it makes me feel like that tiny little act has completely hydrated and replenished my skin. i've been using it almost every night as a special little pampering treat.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

so i will admit that when the NARS orgasm glosses and multiples came out i was DYING, DYING, DYING to get my hands on them. coveted. dreamed. plotted. that being said, as soon as i saw the gloss i was like, Really? and was so disappointed. the multiple fared a little bit better; i saw it, loved it and then the second time i saw it, was disappointed and it was much like the first time i saw the gloss.

it was so sad.

then a few weeks ago, i was in my local sephora (they are pissing me off, btw) and saw the most beautiful NARS cream blush--seriously, i thought my heart was going to stop. i normally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the line, but have been in a little disappointed in the past--and when i saw this color i knew all was well in the world again.

cactus flower. and it's beautiful.

it's so beautiful that the word simply does not do it justice. in the packaging it's a lovely, shimmering poppy color--the color that i have been dreaming of so long, but could not find. i reached for it because i had to have it--AND THERE WERE NONE LEFT. i am not gonna lie, i would have hulked out in sephora and started smashing displays, but i got a hold of myself and thought, this has to be a mistake, they have it SOMEWHERE.

they didnt.

i trekked over to another sephora on 57th and lex--and was about 30 blocks from home. because of cream blush (but it's so beautiful). they didnt have it either. it was like i was on the search for the holy grail or something and the next thing i know, i am calling up bendel's (they have it!) and it's being set aside for me.

it was worth every step and every penny.

the results are in

i've been on this avon kick--i'm rotating a couple of their different products and so far i am pleased with the results. so in that vein, i was really excited to try their Ageless Results Renewing Day Cream SPF 15. what i really like about it is that it has the SPF built right in, so i get to skip a step (normally i use a separate one, but it's winter and i am feeling lazy. i hope i dont regret that in ten years). Soy helps stimulate cellular repair (that would be lovely!) while antioxidants and peptides prevent and reduce wrinkles (oooh!). all the scientific stuff aside, is has this really nice citrusy scent which makes me feel really invigorated in the morning (it's not overwhelming or cloying at all and it disappears immediately).