Tuesday, December 30, 2008

you don't have to be rihanna to love this--and look great!

random saturday afternoons spent at target can be so fulfilling--plus there are always the unexpected treasures you discover! i saw this new fave--cover girl exact eyelights eye-brightening mascara--while flipping through a magazine and thought darn, that rihanna looks cool, i should get some of this stuff. of course, i am no rihanna--and am very happy with my current mascara, but clearly advertising and marketing are very effective on me! so as soon as i saw it in the aisle at target, i snatched it up--and it has replaced my current fave. there was a brief period where i thought i lost it too--and after i went a little crazy looking for it, i was about to repurchase, but luckily it turned up!

when i first opened it, i didnt even notice the hint of metallic, but it really does "enhance" my eyes--and it reaches every lash and defines. even better? it doesnt clump or flake off!