Tuesday, October 9, 2007

magazines, we can tell

now that it's fall, all the magazines are telling me it's time to update my look. clothes. shoes. makeup. it's time for a change! and i am so excited--i love fall, everything about it. but the thing is, the magazines? so not helping. the models? completely airbrushed, photoshopped and kinda vacant (sorry, girls, but you're still pretty). the celebrities? as much as i love them--not much better. i wont even talk about america ferrerra on the cover of glamour last month. so pretty and so photoshopped. magazines, we can tell. everyone can use it nowadays. and she is gorgeous on her own--let her be!

it makes me so angry.

i remember a time when i would look forward to my magazines to see new makeup. now it's just for the products--i dont even bother with the pictures because everything kind of looks the same. and now that i can't depend on the magazines--i've turned to the tv for inspiration. (i know this will open a whole other can of worms).

the girls? still pretty, but so much more active. and it's almost easier to see the makeup with all the different kinds of lighting. plus i feel like there are so much more options. right now my girly-makeup-want-to-look-like-this obsession is chuck from pushing daisies. i didnt even bother to look up the actress' real name because i am certain her whole look is central to the character. look at her, even rising from the dead she looks gorgeous, dewy, fresh. i just want to look like this normally (and i've never even been resurrected). the skin is glowy--i am thinking some kind of cream highlighter and highlighter powder (and i need to know specifics). but what i love, love, love is the gloss. what is that and where do i get it?