Friday, March 21, 2008

scheduled maintenance

last night i looked at my train case and it's overflowing. it's scary. like really, really scary. when i bought it years ago, i was able to fill it up--of course--and it was organized and beautiful. that's actually my traincase in the picture. of course, it's empty and not scary looking. the best part was that there was still enough room to add to my collection of pretty, sparkly things. right now? not so much. right now, it's a mess and my products are hard to find. i really need to go through it this weekend and chuck some things, which is always a little bit painful to me. i hate parting with products; i am always afraid that i will want or need it in the future. but it must be done--this last week it's been scary to look at. plus i have way, way more products than i first started with--and that is good--so i've been thinking that maybe i need two traincases. that option is almost more scary because you know that i am going to just give myself more license to shop.

i forgot how much i loved burt's bees marshmallow vanishing creme. there is a lot to love from this brand; i love a lot of burt's bees products and i am always telling people about it. most people look at me like i am crazy and, i think, dont believe me because the products are so inexpensive. i don't care how much they cost; they are magic. seriously. i love this one in particular because of the scent--it just smells sweet and yummy. i've been using this at night again for the last two weeks and i feel like my skin has looks amazing when i get up in the morning!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

what's going on here?

i am about the have a small flip out. the last few times i was at sephora, i could not find philosophy's pumpkin pie, waffle cone or banana nut bread 3-in-1 shower gels. i also can't find them on the site and says they don't know if and when it will be in stock again. on qvc it's not sold separately; it's sold with cinnamon buns, which is dandy, but i just bought a 40 ounce bottle of cinnamon buns. cinnamon buns, i do not need. what i need is pumpkin pie, waffle cone and banana nut bread. even worse, on the philosophy site, while you can search for these items, there is no product-detail page and when i try to click on the item, i get an error message.

this makes me most unhappy. these are my favorites and i really don't think the new line of gelees is going to do it for me. i can buy mimosa but not pumpkin pie, waffle cone or banana nut bread? SERIOUSLY?

good things come to those who wait

i've mentioned before that i am completely obsessed with chuck's makeup from pushing daisies on ABC. i spent a night researching it online (don't judge), but couldn't any info and then i got frustrated and gave up. i didnt even intend to pick up the search, but like kismet, the search found me because i was in sephora one day and there was the color that was chuck-ish.

i might have heard a choir of angels singing behind me.

so while not searching, i found it (i just know that has to mean something in my real life) and let me tell you, it was quite a relief because i NEEDED it!

it's such a pretty, coral-y color and just so fresh and right for spring. it's from stila and it's high shine lip color in michaela. and while i don't normally like stila's packaging, the etched floral pattern on the tube is really, really cute!

worth the wait

my bare escentuals auto-delivery kit from QVC came yesterday and i could NOT wait to get my hands on it. SERIOUSLY. COULD NOT WAIT! now, don't judge the QVC factor because the kit had a mineral veil, gossamer, two eye shadows, liner, blush, lipstick and three brushes for $55. tell me who can beat that, people!

i've only used two things so far, but i am pretty happy. i was most excited for the diamond gossamer, which i used as my foundation this morning and then again as eye shadow. i was a little bit afraid that it might be too sparkly (notice it didn't stop me at all), but it wasn't a problem. it just had this glowy-glistening quality and it made me wish i was a snow fairy.

the original gossamer, which i love and quite frankly rarely use because it's just too darn pretty, has a lovely sparkle in an array of lovely little colors, whereas the diamond gossamer, infused with diamond powder, is just white. so as much as i would love to use original gossamer as my foundation, i feel like i would look like a 2nd grader who had a huge spill over at the arts & crafts table. but this just reminds me it's too pretty not to use--and i should definitely use it as eye shadow tomorrow.

i also used the lipstick; it's called gelato and it's a pinkish nude color that reminds me of THE FAVE, but on closer inspection is pinker than THE FAVE. it's been ten years now, and i should just face facts that there will never be another fave.

i just have to remind myself that there will be new and other faves from now on.