Tuesday, March 18, 2008

what's going on here?

i am about the have a small flip out. the last few times i was at sephora, i could not find philosophy's pumpkin pie, waffle cone or banana nut bread 3-in-1 shower gels. i also can't find them on the site and amazon.com says they don't know if and when it will be in stock again. on qvc it's not sold separately; it's sold with cinnamon buns, which is dandy, but i just bought a 40 ounce bottle of cinnamon buns. cinnamon buns, i do not need. what i need is pumpkin pie, waffle cone and banana nut bread. even worse, on the philosophy site, while you can search for these items, there is no product-detail page and when i try to click on the item, i get an error message.

this makes me most unhappy. these are my favorites and i really don't think the new line of gelees is going to do it for me. i can buy mimosa but not pumpkin pie, waffle cone or banana nut bread? SERIOUSLY?