Sunday, October 5, 2008

i've made no secret of my girl crush on jennifer garner--i absolutely adore her. i think she is gorgeous and adorable and perfect in every way. so when one of my favorite beauty an email how i could recreate jennifer garner's makeup, i was ridiculously thrilled. no really, i was. i've spent a lot of time googling her lipstick, to disappointing results. i have only come up on one, which is a chanel that i, coincidentally, already owned (we're soul mates, hee!). it's a light pink color, but she is normally photographed in brighter pinks, which i love and that is what i am looking for. of course, all the tips were helpful--glowing skin and warm lips and eyes. trouble is, i still dont look like jennifer garner.

see how to recreate her look here

more reason to blush

i love nars, i especially love nars blushes. cream, powder, bring it on. as much as i get annoyed every time i open any magazine's best of beauty issue and see a rave for orgasm blush, i have gone through more than my share of this product. i think i just get annoyed at the repetitiveness, but at the same time, it's an amazing color. amazing. it's everyone's favorite. i think it's K's favorite--i am pretty sure that every time i see her, she is wearing it.

so when i saw on the sephora site that there is a new version of this called super orgasm, i immediately headed to my local to check it out in person to see the brand could improve upon perfection.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

i think we have 2 winners!

i've whined and moaned about my dark circles forever. two purplish, sometimes bluish, half-moon circles--and no matter how much sleep i get, they are a permanent fixture on my face.

i've tried almost everything to conceal them. usually they are covered for about 10-1/2 minutes and like the bad guy in every horror movie, they always find a way to come back.

lately, i'd even resorted to using powder to cover them, which is a terrible, terrible mistake because powder always looks like powder: dry, which makes them look worse. but it seemed powder's consistency lasted the longest.

i was about to give up.

then i literally stumbled upon t. leclerc fluid concealer at barney's nyc. first, i apply the banane and the follow up with the orchidee--yes, they are that bad i need two! the banane acts like corrector, which neutralizes the lovely blueish purple that always makes me look like i went two rounds with the heavyweight champion and the orchidee is the finishing touch. enhanced with silicone and vitamin e, these glide on smooth and soft as silk.