Saturday, July 21, 2007

the sweet smells of summer

i am always thinking about fragrance. i can't have enough. i always want another. i think it's because i am looking for that singnature fragrance--one that embodies my personality. i havent found it yet and i have a bathroom full of fragrances to prove it. mind you, i realize that fragrance is something manufactured by a group of people in a lab and sold to millions so i might never find it, but you've got to have hope, people! life would be so boring without hope, fragrance or beauty and skincare products. now everyone knows you need to change your fragrance with the seasons. winters call for a heavier scent and summers for a lighter one. during the summers i usually alternate dolce & gabbana light blue, moschino i love love and annick goutal eau de hadrien. there is something about these three i love--they are all light and refreshing scents that are crisp with a definite hint of citrus. perfect for summer. this year i dont know why but i havent even thought about wearing them. right now i am alternating burberry london, dkny red delicious and vera wang princess. all are lovely scents, but none scream or smell summer, if you will. instead, this season, i am all about the girly scents. maybe it's the plaid bottle, i dont know, but i am loving burberry london. it's floral, yet modern--sweet but not cloying. vera wang princess is so deliciously feminine, it couldn't be better named. it's sweet with hints of vanilla and it always makes me feel like i am wearing the prettiest, floaty fairy-princess type dress (and that's not how i roll) dkny red delicious is another sweet one, but there's something about it that's still crisp and refreshing and always makes me feel pulled together. maybe i wont find my signature fragrance any time soon, but i'll definitly feel good while searching.

captured: summer fun in a bottle

the incomparable cherylshops gave me a sample of the new Bond no. 9 Coney Island. Having grown up in brooklyn, i could only wish the real Coney Island actually smelled like this. this new fragrance is more like what Coney Island will smell like after the revitalization. seriously. this lovely scent is perfect for summer--it's light, fresh, sweet and just a little bit tangy. it's actually perfect for any season--especially when you just want to recreate the lovely memory of breezy, lazy summers.

talk about an eye-opener!

i love diorshow mascara--i thought i couldnt love anything more and then i discovered diorshow black out. i've been talking to everyone i know about it. i am probably quite annoying with my, have you tried diorshow blackout yet? it's only available at sephora for a limited time so hurry up! it's like diorshow, but better. how is that possible you ask? it's the amazing, intense, deep-black hue. i like a lot of lashes--i dont wear eyeliner so my mascara has to do the trick. basically, with just one coat my eyes look vibrant and awake. what's not to love?

Friday, July 20, 2007

everyone can learn a thing or two from Bobbi Brown

last saturday JG, C, A and I hit the soho bloomies to shop for C's wedding makeup. C wanted something similar to Eva Longoria's wedding pics on the cover of OK! (i think this was the magazine, but i could be wrong). dramatic eye with a neutral lip--and C is just so lovely, i couldn't imagine it not looking great. anyway, i am not particularly fond of the downtown outpost of bloomies--i think that the cosmetics department is way too small and the salespeople are way to pushy. after perusing a couple of different counters, we finally got comfy at Bobbi Brown--i had a feeling we'd end up there because every bride i've ever known raves about the Bobbi Brown MAs. And let me tell you, they have reason to! the MA did such a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful job on C that i just stood there gaping. she looked like herself, but like the best version of herself--a dramatic, glammed of version of herself. exactly the way you would want to look like on your wedding day.

she used a bunch of different products, but by far the stand out and the thing i am going to purchase next--actually make that the two things i am going to purchase next (i can't help myself) are the pot rouge in calypso coral (coral always sounds scary, but it isnt. in it's best incarnation it should be soft and this color is velvet loveliness. 3 of us put it on afterward and our skin tones and coloring couldnt be more different. this is a must-have, i think!) and the long-wear gel eyeliner. any color of the gel eyeliner would be amazing--the secret is the formula. i dont usually wear eyeliner and when i do, it's usually liquid, but i want to start wearing eyeliner because this product is so amazing.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

i love too faced. just love them. love the products, the whimsy, the packaging–and i love that they don't break the bank. these are good-quality, girly and glam. however, they discontinued one of my favorite products--it is the beauty lover's curse. the blush bouquet pure flower essence gel blush was amazing. it was the perfect i've-been-running and now i have this pretty flush blush. the best part? it also doubled as a great lip stain. seriously, this was the perfect product. but now i can't find it anywhere so i only bust it out on special occasions. i know, i am sad. the great news is i think i've found a perfect doppleganger: Smashbox Skin Tint in Infrared.

mondays just got brighter!

it's been so long since i've posted--what can i say? i've been really lazy, really busy and really having fun. but i am back and in part it's because of the Vincent Longo Diamond Gloss. i just had to blog about this beautiful red-berry color with glitter and shine (via veneto). i went to sephora today--i needed a treat or 4, dont judge--and was doing one last walk-through before i went to check out and had to stop, stare and, of course, try this. seriously, i am staring at it right now and it makes me so happy. at least i am not a drug addict, i say. we all know i have an obsession with glosses and this is the perfect shade for summer.