Thursday, January 31, 2008

if you see something, say something

the MTA has ads all over the place telling us riders if you see something, say something (a few years ago, a couple of girlfriends and i thought we saw something, said something and brought down the lexington avenue line, but i digress) so i did. i was standing on the platform on 59th street and i saw this woman wearing this gorgeous gloss so i asked her what it was. she was really nice--who doesn't enjoy a compliment from a perfect stranger?--and was pleasantly surprised when she told me it was NYC lip gloss in pink sand (available at drugstores for $1.99).

of course, i did not expect her to say that. i expected her to pull out Dior, CHANEL, anything but NYC $1.99 lip gloss-- even though i always say you can get drugstore finds. the funny thing is, it was very similar to a smashbox gloss that i have and love, but hate the brush. it's one of that's with a brush-tip applicator (i prefer the sponge)--and i hate it because the bristles lose their shape after each time you stick the wand back in the tube and it makes it hard to apply. so i'll definitely be trying the $1.99 version.