Friday, March 21, 2008

scheduled maintenance

last night i looked at my train case and it's overflowing. it's scary. like really, really scary. when i bought it years ago, i was able to fill it up--of course--and it was organized and beautiful. that's actually my traincase in the picture. of course, it's empty and not scary looking. the best part was that there was still enough room to add to my collection of pretty, sparkly things. right now? not so much. right now, it's a mess and my products are hard to find. i really need to go through it this weekend and chuck some things, which is always a little bit painful to me. i hate parting with products; i am always afraid that i will want or need it in the future. but it must be done--this last week it's been scary to look at. plus i have way, way more products than i first started with--and that is good--so i've been thinking that maybe i need two traincases. that option is almost more scary because you know that i am going to just give myself more license to shop.