Thursday, June 26, 2008

smooth, soft hands, please!

this whole dry-hands thing is really bothering me. the burt's bees is a nice little band-aid, but it's annoying to always have to put lotion on EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you wash your hands.

i like the burt's bees, dont get me wrong. it's got this pepperminty/mentholy smell that i dig, but it can be a bit greasy. and sometimes i just dont want to wear lotion. plus, i wear contacts and i am afraid i will touch my eyes or something. and hands are the first to show visible signs of aging and your true age. in short, i am not having this. so i bought two new things and i am wearing both of them right now--i am kind of that way. i like them both.

first is avon anew ultimate transforming hand and nail cream spf 15. this is very rich and luxurious. i love that it has spf 15 and as much as i am queen of spf--i never put it on my hands. and i should know better; see above. love this stuff. it's on my desk at work and i am thinking that i should keep it in my purse for when i am outside never.

second is avon planet spa african shea butter hand and cuticle cream. i just threw this in the bag because i loved the scent, which was sweet and not overpowering. very moisturizing.

hopefully, these two will clear up my dry-hands problem soon!