Tuesday, September 2, 2008

why is it tingling?

i was really excited to try fresh's new black tea instant perfecting mask--an intense hydrating mask. i dont always love fresh's products; i want to, but sometimes think the cost isnt worth the result, but there is something so quaint and lovely about the products that i want to be proven wrong. so as soon as i got home last night, i washed my face and slapped this mask on (because i love a good moisturizing mask). the good? the whipped, velvety texture seemed so decadent and luxurious. the bad? about 2 or 3 minutes in there was a tingling sensation that did not sit well with me; it made me immediately want to wash my face. why was it tingling? i've done my share of moisturizing masks and they never tingle. plus, after i washed it off, my skin didnt seem significantly moisturized or firm.