Wednesday, September 3, 2008

glow to go

i got the best compliment yesterday. someone told me i was glowing--and i am sure i wasnt. i was running out to do errands, it was later on in the day and i hadnt touched my makeup since the am. i was a lot of things yesterday--and glowing wasnt one of them. i could attribute it to the face mask i did last night, but as i posted yesterday, i wasnt too impressed with the results. i think what my friend noticed was that i was wearing nars the multiple in copacabana. this is an old fave that i carry around with me every day, but had not worn in a long, long time. and i dont even know why because it is so very pretty. i am blaming it on the makeup rut i told you about yesterday--the one i am desperately trying to break out of. this handy-dandy secret weapon can be used all over, but i normally just put it on my cheeks for a subtle, shimmering pearly glow. and for the record now i am totally rethinking buying the orgasm multiple.