Tuesday, July 1, 2008

eye scream for eye cream

so i am loving the avon eye cream i posted about recently and i definitely feel like it's smoothing out this one, tiny crease under my eye (it's the same one i always complain about). but during the day, i feel like the area under my eyes is so dry--of course, i know it is because there are no moisture ducts there--though this isn't unique to the avon cream because i feel like this with all eye creams actually, no matter how thick or emollient. great at first, but then a loss of elasticity during the day. when i get up in the morning, i love how everything looks a lot smoother because of the cream and "beauty sleep", of course.

for example, when i touch up my under eye concealer during the day, i feel like the under eye part is so dry that it doesn't snap back quickly and has a loss of elasticity. that bothers me and makes me feel like wrinkles are just around the corner. the eyes are the windows to the soul so who wants a cracked, wrinkly, dry facade? i am not sure what i can do about this aside from just applying more eye cream regularly during the day since i am not having this problem with face lotions and creams. in that vein, i've brought two under eye creams with me and i am obsessively compulsively rotating them before i put on hand lotion, which is often. they are MAC Fast Response Eye Cream, which i always love and forget about, and avon ageless results renewing eye cream. i do feel like today has been better (i noticed the dryness last week) so maybe the key is to just keep reapplying.