Tuesday, July 8, 2008

it's great to exfoliate

so i've been trying out a lot of the new avon stuff i recently purchased and i am loving the anew clinical advanced dermabrasion system. i will admit i was a little nervous to try this and wondered if i really needed it, or if it would be too much for my sensitive skin, but i was running out of my exfoliators and just not super impressed with them. i felt like i needed something with kick and now, i couldnt be happier. i figured worst case scenario, i dont like it. plus, there were four settings (1-4) and if i really felt like the others were too strong, i could just stick with setting 1. you're supposed to use each setting for 2 weeks 2 or 3 times a week and "rest" for 2 days. basically dont use it two days in a row. i am finishing up my second week and i will probably move on to setting two. i really feel like it's making my face softer and smoother. plus, it's working its magic on that damn little wrinkle on my forehead.