Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i have not yet found my go-to summer 2008 fragrance, which is frustrating because we're already in July. and i feel like my summer fragrances of the past will just not cut it this year. i am still looking for something fresh and citrusy, but i am dying for something new. i dont want my old standbys. part of my problem/hesitation is that i feel most summer fragrances are so light they dont last on me. it pains me to say this because i really do love you, but Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue, i'm looking at you. lovely, refreshing scent, but it doesnt last on me. i feel like i could go through a bottle in a week, and when i notice it on other people it makes me want to hurt them. ok, fragrance and violence don't mix, it's just that it would be absolutely perfect. alas. sigh. of course, there are all the sheer incarnations of your favorites, but i feel like that's just a rip-off. i want something new. and fabulous and summery. something that will remind me of the good times of summer 2008.